why you shouldn't attempt restoration repairs yourself

Home damage is caused by many different sources. It could be from a fire, flood, moisture, insects or severe weather; but no matter the cause, restoration work will need to be completed. So, how do you know that the house is going to be livable again after such damage is sustained? Finding a reliable and professional restoration company to do the work for you is really the only course of action that you can take. When damage is this extensive, it is nearly impossible to be sure that doing the repairs yourself will take care of the damage the right way. Visit my blog to find out what you could miss if you attempt to make these repairs on your own.

2 Common Questions About Roof Storm Damage


When storms pass through your area, they can leave a wake of destruction and damage. In particular, the roof of your home may be especially vulnerable to storm-related damages, and it is important for you to be informed about this type of routine damage so that you can have your home repaired as quickly as possible. However, it is fairly common for new homeowners to be somewhat uninformed about these damages, and if this applies to you, learning the following answers to common questions should help you when your house suffers this damage.

How Can You Determine if Your Roof Has Sustained Storm Damage?

Unfortunately, there can be no easy way to determine whether this type of damage has occurred. Typically, it will be necessary to go onto the roof and visually inspect all of the shingles to make sure that they have not been damaged, removed or misaligned. If the shingles are out of alignment by even a small amount, there will be a path for water to seep under the shingles and rot the roof. However, a roof with storm damage can be very unstable and dangerous. Due to the risk of falling off the roof, you may be better served by hiring a professional for this inspection.

Does it Matter Who Repairs the Damage?

When your roof has suffered storm damage, you may make the mistake of attempting to repair this damage without professional help. Whether this is due to wanting to avoid filing an insurance claim or because you enjoy making house repairs, it can lead to some potentially serious problems for the house. Without the right training and experience, it can be exceedingly difficult for a homeowner to spot this type of damage. Even if a single damaged shingle is not repaired, it is possible for the roof to suffer extensive rotting. Also, it should be noted that many insurance policies require any major repairs to only be done by a trained professional, and failing to follow this requirement can void your insurance protection.

Strong storms can have serious consequences for your roof, and failing to appreciate this risk can cause your home to suffer major complications from minor storm damage. Making sure that you understand the steps for determining if roof damage has occurred as well as the need to have this repair done companies like All Care to keep your home safe from suffering avoidable damage due to the roof rotting.


11 April 2016