why you shouldn't attempt restoration repairs yourself

Home damage is caused by many different sources. It could be from a fire, flood, moisture, insects or severe weather; but no matter the cause, restoration work will need to be completed. So, how do you know that the house is going to be livable again after such damage is sustained? Finding a reliable and professional restoration company to do the work for you is really the only course of action that you can take. When damage is this extensive, it is nearly impossible to be sure that doing the repairs yourself will take care of the damage the right way. Visit my blog to find out what you could miss if you attempt to make these repairs on your own.

Make A Unique Blanket With Fleece


If you would like to make a unique blanket for your bed but you aren't thrilled about sewing, then there is a fun option you can choose. You can make a warm blanket for your bed in just a few supplies and in a few simple steps. This article will teach you how to make a blanket you simply tie together. Plus, you can even make matching pillow coverings using the same method.

Supplies you need

To make the blanket you will need two large pieces of fleece fabric in the colors of your choosing (one can be solid and one can be print for a great look), scissors and a measuring tape or ruler. You will also want to choose a comfortable place to make the blanket since you will be sitting there for a bit.

Putting together the blanket

You want to measure the blanket out to the size you want it and then allow for 6 extra inches in the length and width. The extra 6 inches will allow you to cut and tie 3 inches worth of the material around the blanket without it affecting its overall size.

Take your scissors and start cutting one of the pieces of fleece starting at one corner and working your way around. You want to cut about 3 inches in and each piece you cut should be about an inch and a half wide. Do the same thing to the other piece of fleece after.

Take both pieces of fleece and put them together. Make sure the bright sides of each piece are showing on the outside. Start at one corner of the fleece and tie one flap to another flap on the other piece of fleece. Your ties should be double knotted so they don't become untied. Continue doing this all the way around the blanket until it's completed.

Caring for your new blanket

Since the blanket is made of two pieces of fleece you will find that it is quite warm. You can wash the blanket in the washing machine on cold. It can also be dried in the dryer on a cool setting. You don't have to worry about it untying since you tied it in double knots.

Now that you know how to make these unique blankets you can make them for yourself and even give them out as gifts to your friends and family.


14 December 2015