why you shouldn't attempt restoration repairs yourself

Home damage is caused by many different sources. It could be from a fire, flood, moisture, insects or severe weather; but no matter the cause, restoration work will need to be completed. So, how do you know that the house is going to be livable again after such damage is sustained? Finding a reliable and professional restoration company to do the work for you is really the only course of action that you can take. When damage is this extensive, it is nearly impossible to be sure that doing the repairs yourself will take care of the damage the right way. Visit my blog to find out what you could miss if you attempt to make these repairs on your own.

When To Hire A Structural Engineer To Look At Your Foundation


When you think about having foundation work done on your home, you probably think about calling a foundation repair company to come out, take a look and make any necessary repairs. However, a structural engineer can be your best first call in many cases. Structural engineers know how to look at the foundation and other components of your home to determine how much of a risk your foundation is and how it can be repaired. These are a few situations in which it's a good idea to hire one of these professionals.

1. You're Selling Your Home  

If you are selling your home, you will probably want to be able to tell potential buyers that the foundation is in good condition. This is especially important if your home is older or if you live in an area where foundation damage is common, such as if you live in an area with dry soil or with very heavy periods of rain. By having a structural engineer take a look at your foundation, you can get a letter that states that your foundation is in good condition and that it does not need any repair at this time. This can provide peace of mind for potential buyers and can help you get more money for your home.

2. Your Home is Getting Older

If you've been living in the same home for many years, you might be starting to worry about potential foundation problems. If you call someone from a foundation repair company, however, there is a good chance that he or she will say that your home needs some sort of foundation work in order to score a job. A structural engineer has nothing to gain by fibbing to you about your foundation's condition, so he or she can inspect it and give you an honest assessment. This can help give you peace of mind and can prevent you from having repairs done when your home doesn't need any. Plus, if your home does need foundation work, a structural engineer can let you know what type of work to have done.

3. You've Noticed Foundation Problems

If you have noticed the signs of foundation problems in your home, such as if your walls are cracking, your doors are sticking or there are imperfections in your foundation itself, you probably want to make repairs as soon as possible. Luckily, a structural engineer can give you tips on what type of work to have done and how to ensure that future problems don't occur.

As you can see, a structural engineer can be just the right person to call about your home's foundation. If you are in any of these three situations, now is the time to give one of these professionals a call.


30 June 2015