why you shouldn't attempt restoration repairs yourself

Home damage is caused by many different sources. It could be from a fire, flood, moisture, insects or severe weather; but no matter the cause, restoration work will need to be completed. So, how do you know that the house is going to be livable again after such damage is sustained? Finding a reliable and professional restoration company to do the work for you is really the only course of action that you can take. When damage is this extensive, it is nearly impossible to be sure that doing the repairs yourself will take care of the damage the right way. Visit my blog to find out what you could miss if you attempt to make these repairs on your own.

How To Salvage Fabric Items After A Flood Occurs In Your Home


After a burst plumbing pipe floods your entire basement, you may be so consumed with trying to clean up the mess that you might throw some of your wet belongings into the garage just to get them out of the way. Once the basement mess is cleaned up and you begin to look through these items, you might discover that some of the precious things you own are ruined. Before you throw them away, you may want to find a company that offers fabric restoration dry cleaning services to see if they can salvage these items for you.

What Types Of Items Can Restoration Dry Cleaning Restore?

If you items made of fabric that got waterlogged from the flooding, you could take them to a fabric restoration dry cleaning company. These companies are often able to salvage any items made of fabric, including:

  • Wedding dresses
  • Decorative pillows
  • Quilts
  • Stuffed animals
  • Rugs
  • Purses

Items made of fabric can get damaged very easily from flooding. Floodwater can contaminate the items with bacteria, which means they will need to be thoroughly sanitized in order to save them. Water on fabric items can also cause mold to grow. If mold begins to form on items that are really important to you, you should take them to a restoration company quickly. Mold can cause irreversible harm on items if it remains there too long.

How Do These Companies Clean Damaged Items?

Cleaning flood-damaged fabric items is not always a simple process, but a good company can salvage most items. This process typically begins with drying out the items. Dry cleaning involves cleaning items with chemicals instead of water. To do this, the items must usually be dry when the process begins.

The company will examine the items thoroughly to look for stains, mold, and spots, and they will pre-treat these areas with special solutions. The items are then placed in dry cleaning devices, and chemicals are used to clean them.

After the items are dry cleaned, they will often look as good as new. They will be clean and free of bad odors, and they will no longer be contaminated with bacteria or mold. To get the best results from this process, you should bring your items in as soon as you can.

If you have some things that were water damaged in your home, you might be able to salvage them, but you will have to bring them to a company that offers fabric restoration dry cleaning services.

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24 June 2015