why you shouldn't attempt restoration repairs yourself

Home damage is caused by many different sources. It could be from a fire, flood, moisture, insects or severe weather; but no matter the cause, restoration work will need to be completed. So, how do you know that the house is going to be livable again after such damage is sustained? Finding a reliable and professional restoration company to do the work for you is really the only course of action that you can take. When damage is this extensive, it is nearly impossible to be sure that doing the repairs yourself will take care of the damage the right way. Visit my blog to find out what you could miss if you attempt to make these repairs on your own.

Answering Common House Painting Questions


Painting your home is a task that must be done to ensure that it looks great and is protected from common forms of damage. However, new homeowners may not have any experience with this type of work, and as a result, they may be ill-prepared to handle this part of their home's maintenance needs. If this applies to you, then you may have wondered the following questions, and these answers should help you to make it this routine process go as smoothly as possible. 

Why Should You Have Your Home's Paint Removed Before A New Coat Is Applied?

Having the existing paint on your home removed is a task that will add a substantial amount of time to the painting project, and it will also increase the cost. However, stripping away the paint on your home can definitely improve the performance of the new coat. This is because the new paint will have a difficult time bonding with the older layer, and this will cause it to peel and crack much sooner. 

If you are unable to pay to have the entire old layer stripped away, then you should consider only removing the damaged portions of the paint. By removing any paint that is loose, peeling or cracking, you can significantly reduce the likelihood that the new paint will encounter problems shortly after being applied. For further assistance, contact professionals, such as those from Dip 'N Strip.

How Can You Minimize The Maintenance Needed By Your Paint?

Ensuring that your home's paint lasts for as long as possible requires regular maintenance. Unfortunately, many people lack the time or ability to perform much of this maintenance, but it should be noted that there are paint options that require far less maintenance than others. 

For example, you can significantly reduce the amount of work needed on your home's exterior by opting for latex based paint. This type of paint has far fewer pores in it once it dries, and this will prevent moisture and insects from damaging the wood underneath. Also, latex paints often have a sealant mixed into them, which will further protect your home from the damaging effects of weathering. 

If you are a relatively new homeowner, there is a good chance that you have never gone through a house painting. These projects are highly important because of the effects they will have on both the aesthetics and protection of the house. By understanding the importance of stripping away the old layer of paint and that latex paint is low maintenance, you should be more prepared to have your home painted.


17 June 2015